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Your wishes, your way.

Updated: Apr 9, 2018

Explore how to plan your funeral/ceremony so that it reflects your wishes, and makes life easier for those responsible for organising it.

Often those close to the deceased find it hard to think straight, let alone wade through all the bureaucracy involved with registering the death, and organise a funeral.

If you worry about how your loved ones will cope then why not sort everything out now, whilst you are here and able to make decisions and choices yourself? This is something that I am able to help you with.

We can meet in a setting of your choice and chat through your thoughts and the various options that are available. If you need more time then we can arrange a further meeting.

Once we have put together a plan, then I will produce a document outlining your wishes. Whilst this is not a legal document it will provide guidance for those arranging your funeral when the time comes. You can sign and date it and lodge it in a secure place (with your will is ideal). Make sure a couple of family members, or close friends know that you have done this.

You may find in the future that your wishes change. For example you may hear a piece of music that you would like to include. You can then either just make a note on the document or contact me and arrange for a new document to be drawn up.

It is often the case that having to choose a piece of music, poem, or hymn that is right for the one you have lost can be very difficult indeed. If I asked you now to think about a family member and then name their favourite song, which could be played to remember them, then I am sure it will not be easy.

By taking the time to write down your wishes you take away a great deal of anguish from those who care about you, and you ensure that your Ceremony accurately reflects your choices and life.


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