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Proofreading, Copywriting, Copy Editing & Research

Alongside my work as a Funeral Celebrant I also put to good use my Grammar School education, and undertake proofreading, copy editing, copywriting and research. I often work for small, local businesses, but can work for anyone.

I can proofread or copy edit a website, piece of work, an App, or a whole book. 

Copywriting is the bread and butter of my day to day role. Learning about something, and then putting that into words that are clear to read and understand is second nature to me. It is not unusual for me to be given a few short paragraphs, which I turn into a factual document.

I have recently extended my offering to include research. This can range from making phone calls and visiting websites so that I can compile a spreadsheet showing local competitor's fees, to researching a topic for an author or a company.

Please contact me if you would like more details regarding this.

Proofreading Flyer .png


"The previous author was very happy with the work, by the way, and thanked me for your insightful corrections."

"This is absolutely perfect – you are literally my angel!!!"

"Your comments and insights were really useful."

"The work you did for me this week is awesome, would you be up for doing some more of the same?"

"Thanks so much for your great work on the book."

"This has saved me hours of work."

"I certainly will be in touch when I have more work!"

"Thanks again for your great work."

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