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Your Wishes, Your Way.


Plan your own ceremony now, and make life easy for your loved ones when you die.

Many of us struggle to talk about death, and especially our own. It has only become a taboo subject in more recent years, partly due to the Victorians, but also because more of us survive childhood and into old age now.

We all plan for life events, be that setting up a home, getting married, having a family or even planning a special holiday. What we are not so great at is planning our funeral ceremony. We often won't even talk about it to our family and close friends. 

However, if someone close to you has died, and you have had to organise their funeral (in among sorting out all their other affairs), then you will know first hand that it isn't easy. What was their favourite song, did they have a favourite poem or reading that should be read out? Were they religious, or would they prefer a service with no religion?            It is so hard to answer these questions, no matter how well you think you know someone.

To avoid all of this you can sit with me, and we can put together a document that states your wishes, and the way you would like your funeral to come together. I then draw up this document, ready for you to sign and store somewhere safe. 

We can do this alone, or with family and friends present; the choice is yours.

 Once your wishes are signed and safely stored away then you can forget about them, but you will have huge piece of mind knowing that those you leave behind will know exactly what you want when the time comes.

Just give me a call on  07751 876807 or drop me an e-mail to make an appointment.

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