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Who Will Care for Your Pet?

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Pets are a part of our family, but who will care for them if we die before they do?

You would have to have a very hard heart, not to have been moved by the photos of Her Majesty's horse, Emma, and her two corgis, watching the hearse pass by, on the day of her funeral. It is not unusual for a family to bring a dog to a service, and it feels like they have every right to be there; after all, they have been part of the family too.

Thoughts though, turn to who will care for your pets if they outlive you. Often people have made allowance for this in their Will, and have already asked a family member, or friend, to take on that responsibility. Whilst you can't leave money directly to your pet, you can leave money for their care for their lifetime. You will need to then stipulate where any remaining money goes, but a Solicitor will be able to advise you about this.

If you have no one who is able to care for your pets, then you will need to make alternative arrangements. There are charities, like the Blue Cross, who are able to help you, and care for your pet. They have a 'Pet Peace of Mind' service ( where you can apply in advance, so that you know that your pet will be cared for when the time comes.

As with everything in life, all of these things are far easier if you can put the plans in place in advance. Your end of life is just as important as any other event in your life, and anything that you can do to help make it easier for you, and for your loved ones, is definitely worth doing.

I am an end of life advocate, and regularly give talks on my role as a celebrant, and all of the things that you can do now to make that time easier. No matter when our time comes, the death admin is the same. With a little forward planning, you can ensure that it isn't anywhere near as onerous for those you leave behind, and your own peace of mind is important too.

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