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Memorial Services and Celebration of Life Events.

A Memorial Service, or a Celebration of Life Event allows you time to reflect on the life story and achievements of your loved one.

You have the luxury of being able to choose an appropriate venue. If the loved sport, then why not hold it at the local club or ground? Maybe a Pub, Hotel or Restaurant would be more appropriate. You may wish to tie in the occasion with a chance to place the urn in its final resting place, so you may choose a Round Barrow instead. You may simply wish to use your back garden or local park.

All of these options are perfectly viable (once groups can meet together again). What they also allow is time. Time to spend together, time for chat, time for music, time for speeches, time for memories.

You can include food, drink, music, games. the list is endless. Whatever you choose it can be tailored to fit in with exactly how your loved one lived their life, and how they wish to be remembered.

My role is to help to guide you through the process, and to be there to support, in whatever capacity, on the day. I can deliver parts of the Funeral Service again, or work with you to create new wording. This would often bring together memories and facts that have been shared from a wider audience than just the immediate family.

There is no right or wrong way to do this. Every single Memorial Service or Celebration of Life Event will be unique. After all, each of us is unique.

It seems to be the norm that services are held at Crematoriums, and yet they are often uncomfortable places to be. You are often short on time, and it can feel like you are just another number in the line. Service do not have to be held at the Crematorium, they can be held anywhere, even in your front room if you wish! I hope that those who feel uncomfortable at a Crematorium will look at other options in the future, and find a more fitting place to say goodbye.

Should you wish to explore the option of storing ashes at a Round Barrow, then please check out the Mid-England Barrow Richard and Sarah would be more than happy to discuss the options with you. You are more than welcome to just hold a service in their beautiful setting, you do not have to store the ashes there too.

I am looking forward to a time when large groups can gather together again, support each other, and celebrate the life of those they have loved.

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