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Options for Your Ashes.

I spent many, many hours, as a child, exploring Long Barrows. To quote Heritage Daily "A long barrow is a prehistoric monument dating to the early Neolithic period. They are rectangular or trapezoidal tumuli or earth mounds traditionally interpreted as collective tombs."

My brothers were obsessed with them, and we would often find ourselves in the middle of nowhere, tramping across a field, torches and warm clothing a must. My Dad and brothers always explored first, with Mum and I bringing up the rear, just in case. In case of what I never found out, but I was 6 and 9 years younger than my brothers, so was always well protected!

Now it is my turn to be interested in a Barrow, but this time not one built in prehistoric times, but one that had its first foundation stone laid this week.

With a lack of space in cemeteries, and a move away from the traditional Church yard burials, people are looking at other options. You can now have your ashes sent into space, made into jewellery, planted with a tree, sent up in a firework, the list is endless.

Richard and Sarah have been working long and hard to bring this project to fruition, on their land near Banbury. Mid-England Barrow will be created entirely from natural resources and will be covered in soil, grass and wildflowers.

Situated in a field sewn with wildflowers, with Longhorn cattle grazing in nearby paddocks, the barrow will have niches where your ashes can be stored. These can be sealed, or created so that you can touch or see the urns. You can reserve your niche now, and each niche holds up to five urns.

There is a stunning Safari Tent on the site, where you can hold a ceremony or party. Each event is designed specifically for you, with lots of options available.

This is one Barrow that I very much look forward to visiting (no damp floors or the need for a torch)! I also very much hope to be able to deliver services there too. I can't imagine a more beautiful setting, or peaceful resting place for your ashes.

I will update you with photos when I visit, but in the meantime check out the website


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