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Living Ceremonies.

Holding a Living Ceremony is a great way to celebrate your life, with those you love.

Living Ceremonies are becoming much more popular. With the huge cost of a funeral people often prefer to spend the money on a celebration before they die. This is most often the case for those with a life limiting illness.

I believe there is probably something inside us all that would like to be able to attend our own funeral. To be able to find out who attended, and what they said about you would be interesting. Therefore why not just hold a Living Ceremony? That way you can be there, and orchestrate it exactly the way you want it to be.

So what is my role in a Living Ceremony? Well, it is very similar to my role when delivering a funeral. I meet with you, chat about what you want for your ceremony, help you decide how everything will fit together. I write a script, which you approve, and then deliver it on the day.

This is your chance to be surrounded by your family and friends; those you love the most. To celebrate every part of your life, and to say goodbye in person. You may choose to give each person a gift. This could be something new that you have chosen, or it could be something you have owned, and wish to give them to cherish. The options are endless.

This is your Living Ceremony; the venue, the guest list, the food, the music, are all decisions you can make either alone, or with the support of those closest to you. Just remember that I will be there to help you and support you too.

So what happens at your funeral? Well again, the choice is yours, some people choose a simple cremation service with just close family, others still have a celebration of life. In either case I can use wording from the script, along with the music choices from your Living Ceremony, to help put together the service and ensure that it is meaningful and unique.


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