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Direct Cremation.

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

I wrote this blog post a little while ago, and the reason that I chose to write it was to highlight a different option from a traditional service at a Crematorium. Whenever I write a blog post like this I do so without any incentives from the company's that I mention. As a small business I am always keen to promote other businesses, especially those within my own profession.

As it says below, I met with Catherine at an event I was attending. I was pleased to be able to talk to her, and to gain an insight into the work undertaken by her company.

Since then I have met with a friend who has very sadly lost her husband recently. They had both signed up to Pure Cremation. Sadly, my friend's experience with the company was not what I would have expected it to be, and suffice it to say that she cancelled their agreements and chose another company instead.

I didn't want to remove this blog post. It serves the purpose I wrote it for originally:- to highlight a different option, however I felt that I must add this piece to confirm that I am not recommending the company, and I am in no way affiliated to them. Should you wish to explore this option, then please do so carefully. I hope there are many people who have not had my friend's experience, but sadly for her it made a very difficult time even more unbearable.

On a recent visit to the Mid-England Round Barrow, I had the opportunity to meet with Catherine Powell, from a company called Pure Cremation.

Pure Cremation are the only company to offer 100% dedication to this type of service. The have honed their understanding of the needs of their clients, and provide a modern alternative to the traditional funeral. " If you want a simple, cremation-only funeral for a loved one, or for yourself in the future, then we can help, wherever you live in mainland England, Wales or Scotland (we do cover the Isle of Wight).

Pure Cremation is the UK's leading independent provider of direct cremation, and the only one totally dedicated to this style of farewell. We have even built our own, state-of-the-art crematorium in the Hampshire countryside so we can give you the highest standard of care at every stage.

We're trusted by thousands of families each year, guiding them through the process of a dignified, fuss-free cremation and inspiring them to make the most of this new freedom to say goodbye their way.

The Pure Cremation Group is proud to set the standard for direct cremation, offering superb value for money without any compromise on the care given to you and your loved ones. "

Many people (my own brother included) hate funerals. This does not mean that a service or celebration can't take place, it just means that you can hold it wherever, and whenever you want.

Pure Cremation collect your body, and take it back to Charlton Park, Andover, where it is cremated in their state of the art facility. Your ashes are then placed in one of their specially designed containers, and are returned to you personally.

Whilst every Crematorium has a foolproof system for tracking a body, the Staff at Pure Cremation have embraced the latest smart technology to enable them to verify each person's identity. Whilst this would be enough for most people, what I like the most is that they have gone a step further.

A ceramic disc, bearing the unique cremation number, is placed onto each coffin immediately before the coffin enters the cremator chamber. This disc then stays with the remains as tangible proof of their identity. In fact there is a special place for it to be placed in the top of the ashes container.

For me this is really important. One of the most frequent questions I am asked by my families, is how they can be sure that they are getting their loved ones ashes. whilst I can fully reassure them, this gives such tangible proof.

Whilst the main business is direct cremation, there is also a beautiful building at Charlton Park, where you can hold a service. Yet again the company have considered the needs of their clients and offer services throughout the day, into the evening and at weekends (for no additional fee). This is so appealing to me. I find it unbelievable that elsewhere you can only hold a service during normal working hours, Monday to Friday.

State of the art technology, comfortable seating, one level throughout and the option to include a much-loved family pet, all contribute to a relaxing a welcoming setting.

We are finally realising that we no longer have to follow the Victorian traditions, and can create an individual service or celebration, that we can think outside the box. The industry is going to have to embrace this, and Pure Cremation are at the forefront of these changes.

For me it is a breath of fresh air. I often meet with families who feel constrained by a traditional, short slot at a crematorium, but don't realise that this isn't their only option. The Funeral Director has often booked the slot, and the family feel that they can't change it. This has to change, and I am keen to start conversations that allow people to understand that the world really is their oyster. We can celebrate a loved one's life in a way that truly reflects their personality.

Of course, in an ideal world everyone would plan their own funeral/service/celebration of life, that way those who are left behind would be in no doubt at all of their loved one's wishes. Mine are written clearly, and my family know exactly what I want. Are yours?

Remember that I am happy to meet with you, explore the options together, and pop everything down ready for you to sign and store away safely with your Will. I can't tell you how good it feels once this is done!


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