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Choosing a Funeral Director

Updated: Apr 30, 2018

Finding the right Funeral Director for you.

You have just lost someone you care deeply about and now you have to arrange their funeral. It is often the case that you don't have the luxury of time when making a decision about which Funeral Director to use, so I would suggest that it is something you think about now.

It is often best to ask around, see who friends and family have used in the past and would recommend. If you have specific wishes to fulfil then you need to ensure that the company you choose are able to accommodate those wishes. Most are very flexible indeed and are happy to help in any way they can.

The National Death Centre is a charity launched in 1991. It gives impartial advice on all aspects of dying, bereavement and consumer rights. It aims to help arrange green and family organised funerals. For more information visit their informative website.

There are approximately 4,000 Funeral Directors in the UK, many are members of a trade organisation such as the British Association of Funeral Directors If you visit their website then you can search for registered Funeral Directors in your area.

When you have chosen your Funeral Director then they will take care of the body, prepare it for burial or cremation and ensure that the coffin arrives at the funeral in good time. Additional services include limousine(s), placing of press notices, ordering flowers etc. If you wish to use a Celebrant (like myself) then you can either book one through the Funeral Director or make the arrangements yourself.

As there are no official regulations in place insisting that you use a Funeral Director, then you are able to undertake all of these tasks yourself if you wish.


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