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A Funeral at a Weekend? Yes, if That's What You Want!

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There is absolutely no reason at all why you can't have the Funeral Service at the weekend. Read my blog to find out more.

How often have you had to take time off work to attend a Funeral? Whilst none of us begrudge using up holiday, after all we are saying goodbye to someone we care about, it isn't always convenient. This means that some people aren't able to attend, even though they would really like too. We have lots of friends who are Teachers, for them taking time off in the week isn't allowed or practical, especially if the service is a long way to travel.

So why don't we hold the service at the weekend? I presume it is because the Crematoriums are closed (although you can pay a premium at some for a Saturday Funeral). However, there is no need to hold the service at the Crematorium on the weekend.

Whilst we have moved away from the tradition of a Church service, attended by all the mourners, followed by a cremation or burial only attended by the close family, we don't seem to have been able to move any further away, or think outside the box.

So, why not still have the short cremation service with close family, and then have the service at the weekend, in a suitable venue where you can hold a service, and the get together afterwards?

There are endless suitable venues, from your own back garden, to the local pub. From the Village Hall, to your local Golf Club. Most venues these days have function rooms, and are happy for you to hire them out.

Of course this means that the coffin in not present, but there is no reason that the ashes can't be.

Would I deliver a service at the weekend? Of course I would. I often work at the weekend, meeting my clients, so delivering a service on a Saturday or Sunday wouldn't be a problem at all (and unlike the Crematoriums that do open, my fees would be exactly the same as they are for a weekday service).

Surely the practical implications make this worth considering. For those travelling a long distance, those in jobs where time off is difficult, and just the fact that by hiring a venue you are not limited to a timed slot, so the service can be as long, and full of content, as you would like it to be.

Right then, I am just off to add an addendum to my Will, so that my family know that I am more than happy for them to hold my service at a weekend!


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